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Cassie L | 25 | Melbourne, Australia | Animal and wildlife illustrator | Procreate and pencil artistPlease use the above tabs to navigate.You can find my ToS and price sheet here.Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to follow any of my socials, your support is always appreciated!
_foxlatte (discord) (instagram)
foxlattes @ DeviantArt

Commission Prices
and how to order

Please see my gallery and social media accounts for more art examples.
Please message me on INSTAGRAM, DEVIANTART, or DISCORD for all commission inquiries and ordering.

Badges - $15.00 or X2 for $25.00 (BUNDLE)
Icons - $30.00 or X2 for $50.00 (BUNDLE)
Chibis - $40.00 or X2 for $70.00 (BUNDLE)
Flat Full Body - $40.00 or X2 for $70.00 (BUNDLE)
Shaded Full Body - $50.00 or X2 for $80.00 (BUNDLE)
Full Illustration - coming soon
Reference Sheets - coming soonPet Portrait cartoons (digital item only) - $40.00 or X2 for $70.00 (BUNDLE)Pet Portrait paintings (digital item only) - $50.00 or X2 for $90.00 (BUNDLE)

Additional Costs
Any extra characters in a single piece will incur an additional cost of 60% of the item price.
Complicated characters (difficult markings, extra limbs, wings etc..) will add an additional cost of $5.00.Small items (plushies, coffee/tea cups, small plants) are at no additional charge.

Placing your order
I draw wildlife and nature themes, including real-life pet portraits and pieces. I will not draw the following material (which is not limited to): anthros, nsfw/18+, mechanical machinery, humans, excessive blood/gore.
When you place your order, you must use my order form via the google forms link and notify me of the order.
Your order must include a clear reference sheet or photograph of your OC or pet. I will not take responsibility in errors of the finished art piece if the reference is unclear.
Payment is done via invoices on PayPal. If you do not provide an email address, I will not do work for you.
Turn Around Time (TAT)
I am typically a slow worker, where I can take a couple of months to complete a single order. I have tried to minimize this as much as possible by putting up a work schedule on my public trello and sticking to it where life allows. Please do not commission me if you expect a complete order overnight.
I appreciate patience and understanding when you are communicating with me via my discord account, DA, twitter or instagram. Please do not attempt to rush me or demand excessive updates.
Refunds and returns
I require payment upfront before I begin your order. Payments are dealt with via paypal invoices. Tipping is not a requirement, but it is always appreciated.
No refunds are given under any circumstances unless a personal situation arises that impacts my ability to work (for example: car accident, broken tablets/laptops etc). In this case, the client will be given an option to wait or to be given refund.
Copyright and credits
I retain full rights and ownership over any work I draw. You are not to modify my work in any way without permission (writing on reference sheets is an exception to this). You may not claim my work as your own. You may not profit over my work or use it for commercial purposes. All of my work that is created for an original character must be transferred to the new owner with proper credit to Foxlatte on or any other of my social media platforms. My art and designs are not to be traced or heavily referenced in any way.
My art and designs are not to be used by the following individuals. Blacklisted individuals may discuss with me if they would like to be off of the list, but it is not a guarantee. These individuals have been blacklisted either due to them breaking my ToS, unprofessional mannerisms as a customer and/or artist, theft or contributing to negative slander and harassment.
*anybody who I have blocked on any of my social media